What do a giant lobster and a crossdresser have in common? I have absolutely no idea but they're both featured in Multiple Maniacs, a film by John Waters that was recently announced to be restored by The Criterion Collection and Janus Films. 

It's hard not to sensationalize anything John Waters does because he makes it so, so easy (see headlines: The Filthiest Filmmaker Alive and The Baltimore Bard of Trash and Sleaze). But how do you sensationalize a film restoration? You don't. You remain pragmatic, calm, and when you don't have all the answers you cop to it, which is how Waters always does interviews. 

In this great one-on-one with Witney Seibold for the Crave Online Film Channel, Waters is his usual unperturbed self. Opening up about the film Multiple Maniacs, he admits that the last time it was screened it was falling apart and "burning up."

Luckily it is being restored, and "Lobstora" (a very... interesting character in the film) will live forever. Great insight into the method behind the madness that is John Waters.